I am NOT a reptile fan.  Snakes, lizards, gaters, crocks, don't want to have anything to do with them.  So I was horrified when I saw that a woman in Florida was selling an alligator, albeit it's a fully trained one.  What does that mean????

I thought this would be categorized as an "exotic pet", but as I researched the topic bears, large cats such as pumas, tigers, leopards and skunks, snakes and sloths seemed to be listed the most.  When they talked about reptiles it was usually snakes, I didn't see anything about crocodiles or alligators.  So, you should check before you buy.  I'm pretty sure Animal Allies isn't going to be able to help you out if you had to find a home in another state for it, but you could ask.

I was surprised she was only asking $700 for it.  Heck, I checked with a breeder of Airedale puppies and they're only $850 and you can love and cuddle THAT!  She claims the alligator doesn't bite (she should know by now), is potty trained (what does alligator poop look like?), wears cloths (where do you buy clothes to fit an alligator?) knows sign language and English.  I suppose if it can learn that you could also teach it a third language, which saddens me that a reptiles know more languages than I do, but what cha gonna do?

One thing you will need is a big yard (preferably fenced in, right?) because that's why she is having to sell him.  She also only wants to hear from you if you're serious and have proper licensing.  IF you are still considering, depending where you live you should check with your state's law on owning one.