Today is MOMENT OF LAUGHTER DAY!  Since Mother Nature is again giving us a kick in the rear, I think we should all take a moment or two to have fun, enjoy life and laugh.  It's no joke the way you laugh reveals your personality. That's the finding of famed psychologist and author Elayne Kahn. Here's what various types of laughter disclose, see where you fit in:

  • Giggle -- You're an optimist with a vibrant, youthful outlook on life. "You're a fun-loving free spirit who loves to see pomposity being deflated," said Dr. Kahn, author of "1001 Ways You Reveal Your Personality."
  • Guffaw -- This hearty, deep-seated belly laugh reveals you're uninhibited, willing to take chances and seize opportunities. People like you because you can be entertaining and you enjoy company.
  • Cackle -- This is a loud laugh that carries often heard above the roar of a crowd. Your piercing laugh reveals that you like to let yourself go. You're a born life-of-the-party type who enjoys telling jokes. And when you're confronted with a problem, you're bold enough and successful.
  • Snicker -- This involves you laughing under your breath an indication that you often see the funny side to a situation even when others do not. People like you because you're easy to get along with and never fly off the handle.
  • Snort -- A snort results when you try to bottle up your laughter and it ends up in your nose. A tendency to restrain laughter indicates you're shy and do not like to call attention to yourself. You're also modest, thoughtful and believe in following the rules. You're sensitive to the feelings of others and are admired for you refinement.
  • Ordinary laughter -- This type of laughter well-modulated, appropriate and never too loud shows you like to be one of the crowd. You apply yourself and work hard but never try to hog the credit. You are patient, kindhearted and reliable an excellent friend to others.