A GoFundMe page has been setup for a St. Paul teen who has been missing for over two weeks.

Chuejee Thao, who is described as 5' 6" tall with black/shaggy hair, was last seen April 15.  His family has set up the page to raise search money and tell their story:

My little brother Chuejee Thao has been missing since Monday, April 15th 2019.  We don't know where he is or what happened to him. He was last seen in Saint Paul, Minnesota on the Robert Street bridge, wearing a dark green zip-up hoodie, dark blue jeans, black shoes, and wearing a black messenger bag. My family and I have been searching for him non stop since the 15th, and many people have joined us in our search for Chuejee, but sadly, we still haven't been able to locate my brother.

Family members are taking time off work to search everyday, and they will be searching more along the Mississippi river once conditions allow.

They are trying to raise $5,000 right now, which they say will help cover expenses such as printing flyers, and buying food, water, and other supplies to help with the search.

They also welcome volunteers to help them search for Chuejee in the Twin Cities area.  You can get search updates through this special Facebook page.

If you can help contribute, just follow the link below to access the GoFundMe page.



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