Spring has officially arrived and for some people it's a great season to find love, so we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the best places for a first date in the Twin Ports. We've been polling people around the office and on Facebook and here are some of the results.

Food First Date

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One of the most popular first date ideas is dinner, for lots of reasons. Mainly it's a nice public place where two people can enjoy conversation and get to know each other and you can find out alot about a person by paying attention to table manners and what they ordered for a meal.

  • Canal Park Restaurants - Grandma's, Famous Dave's, Old Chicago. Also great restaurants outside of Duluth/Superior, Facebook user Tyesha Nelson suggests "Mexico Lindo - Cloquet !!!"
  • Do it yourself, Cathy Kates suggests, "the gazebo with wine, cheese and a cold chicken leg at Enger Tower Park with the view of Duluth and Lake Superior behind the two would be/could be lovers."
  • Picnics are fun according to Facebook user BreeAnna Poshek "Right on the edge of the lake in billings park, on the rocks, during sunrise or sunset with a picnik dinner on a warm/sunny day ♥ Because Its romaaaantic. :)"
  • Facebook user Miranda Sve doesn't like the last two ideas, she says "I would be creeped out if someone took me on a picnic for a FIRST date. First dates should always be semi public so there is always an escape plan in case things turn terribly bad, or better yet you can pawn him off on someone else." very wise Miranda.
  • On the cheap, Facebook user Sharon Biskey suggests "Mcdonalds. Then you can see how they react to your being cheap."

Sporty or Adventurous First Date

A lot of people like to get adventurous on a first date, here are some ideas for you.

  • Several people suggested Adventure Zone in Canal Park, like Facebook user Susie McDougall, she says, "Mini golfing at adventure zone. It takes the pressure off and you can be yourself and have fun." Places like this are great, lots of different things to do so it keeps both people interested and if the weather is bad, no problem.
  • Facebook user Tracy Curtiss says "Somewhere low-key and fun like a carnival or roller skating." World of Wheels in Superior can be fun for both people and it may give you a chance to break the ice with a "couples skate", ahhhhh, sweaty palms, romantic!
  • Kristine Jensen suggests "Skyline bowling, that’s where I went, and we played poker for every strike you get a card….then its two games in one and you can drink there too! Plus it is public which is necessary for a first date."
  • Jessi Loisel from Facebook shares, "My first date with my husband . I took him to Horseshoes Billards for a friendly game of pool. Then we went out to eat at Old Chicago. We both had a wonderful time.
  • And finally, Wesley Minkkinen from Facebook said, "bring em to the fights at grandmas girls like watching people get hit in the FACE". Ummm O.K. Wesley, whatever you say.

Scenic First Date

Photo by: Lee Radzak

Maybe you're the outdoor type and want to enjoy your first date in the great outdoors, although you may not want to go deep into the woods on your first date, but here are a few public scenic places to visit on a first date.

  • Jessica MacDonald suggests "Dinner up at Grand Superior Lodge overlooking the lake in the fall, then after walking through Gooseberry Falls."
  • Another great place to visit is Split Rock Lighthouse, great views of the lake and a chance to spend some time talking and getting to know each other on the drive.
  • Here's something that is both adventurous and scenic, the Timber Twister alpine coaster and Spirit Mountain. You can ride solo or double with your first date, which depending on how things are going is a good thing they give you the choice.

I'm sure we missed some great ideas, so we encourage you to comment below and share your ideas for a great first date in the Northland.