I can't lie - this is one of my favorite events of the entire year! The annual North End Nightmare is back to scare you into running just in time for Halloween.

The race is unlike any other 5k or race that the average runner might run! Why? Because as you run, you go through streets filled with all things scary. There are clowns, zombies, witches and just about any other spooky thing you can imagine.

The race takes place in Superior. As you navigate the course, you will go down different themed areas. For example, there is a street you race down filled with clowns. Another street is filled with spooky witches. It really is a ton of fun.

While some events have been cancelled this year due to COVID-19, this race is officially on. As always, this race will benefit the Young Athletes Foundation. That means you are racing for fun and for a great cause.

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The race will take place on Saturday, October 30th. It will kick off at 5 p.m. Adults can register now for $35 bucks. If you register the day of the race, it will cost you $40 bucks.

There will also be a Spider Dash as years previous. The race is for kids ages fourteen and younger and costs $15 bucks to register. Kids will get a tote bag to use for trick-or-treating. The Spider Dash will kick off an hour earlier than the 5k at 4 p.m.

Kids will walk the path, take a shorter course and will get candy and prizes on the way. You are asked to contact organizers prior to the race if you think your child may be too scared of certain areas on the course.

Because it is a Halloween-themed race, you are encouraged to dress up in your best Halloween costume or Halloween shirt for the race. There will be a costume contest and those with the best costumes will get prizes.

As of now, you can pick up your packet on Friday, October 29th. The day before the race, you will be able to get your packet and registration from noon to 6 p.m. at the Grandma's Marathon Office. It is located at 351 Canal Park Drive in Duluth.

The day of the race, you can also pick up your packet and registration. Saturday, October 30th, you can pick it up from noon to 4:30 p.m. at Earth Rider Brewery. Earth Rider Brewery is located at 1715 North 3rd Street in Superior.

You can register for the race as we speak on the Grandma's Marathon website. As mentioned, you can save money by registering ahead of the event. Prior to the race, you can take a look at the creepy course, which will wind through Superior near places like Sweeden Sweets and Top Hat Tavern. It starts and finishes at North 3rd Street and Tower Avenue.

There will be parking in the area that makes it easy to get to and from the starting line. Animals are not allowed on the course and you cannot run under any other name but your own.

I do this 5K every year since it began about three years ago. Even if you aren't a big runner, it is such a fun experience, especially if you love Halloween and all things scary. I have already signed up for this year. See you all there!

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