Turning to Google to deal with health problems can be a real pain in the butt.  Although it's easy to get distracted by so much information, countless people do it.  MedicareHealthPlans.com has released the most Googled health problems from every state in America.

Here are what people from Minnesota and Wisconsin appear to be most concerned about:

Minnesota:  Hemorrhoids

Ouch!  Hemmorhoids are very common and the top health problem googled in the land of 10,000 lakes.  In an effort to save you time, here are the most common symptoms:

  • Pain in the rectum
  • Pain often occurs while while sitting
  • Anal discomfort, itchiness, or swelling
  • Gastrointestinal impact can include blood in stool or constipation

The good news is that hemmorhoids can be cured, but you should first consult your doctor should you have any of the above symptoms.

Wisconsin: ADHD

Nine states, including Wisconsin, had ADHD as their biggest health concern and that makes it the number one googled medical condition in America.

According to Parenting.com, which I found on my Google search:

Most children are evaluated for ADHD shortly after they enter grade school because their inability to focus, follow directions and control behavior becomes a real barrier to success in that structured setting. However, in 2011 the American Academy of Pediatrics expanded the age range of diagnostic guidelines to include kids as young as 4 and up to age 18.

ADHD has three subtypes; predominately hyperactive-impulsive, predominately inattentive, and combined hyperactive-impulsive and inattentive.

You can follow the link below to see the methodology of this report and to see the most googled health concerns for every state.

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