For wrestling fans you now have another option to watch your favorites compete at the highest level  at the Target Center in Minneapolis November 12 and 13. AEW or All Elite Wrestling started two years ago and has became incredibly popular giving the WWE which premiered back in the 1990's  a run for its money with top talent.

Some former WWE wrestlers have made the transition into acting including Duane "The Rock" Johnson and more recently John Cena who both have developed a showmanship carried on to the big and little screen as well.

The show on Friday November 12 will be Rampage and the Saturday November 13 show will be a Pay Per View event called Full Gear. Tony Khan who is a co-owner of The Jacksonville Jaguars is the man behind AEW and by the look of some of the crowds at these shows he is doing something right.

One of the bigger names that is now part of AEW is Chris Jericho who has been with the organization since the start, and Sting who recently joined the ranks. But it is not just men wrestling anymore, they have a crew of 23 female wrestlers as well.

All Elite Wrestling can be found on TNT Wednesday nights and over the past two years has developed quite a passionate fan base.  According to Bring Me The News Tickets for Rampage are on sale right now (buy here), while tickets for Full Gear go on sale this Friday. If you or someone you know are a true fan of wrestling this is a great opportunity to see some up and coming stars in a major televised event, so you know they will be pulling out all the stops.

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