Federal health authorities Ok'd the first round of Johnson and Johnson one shot vaccines this past weekend to start to be distributed in Minnesota this week. An estimated 45,200 doses of the vaccine from Johnson and Johnson are expected to arrive midweek on top of the 150,000 doses of the  vaccine made by pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna on their way to Minnesota.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the Johnson and Johnson vaccine on February 28 which green lighted the roll out for the vaccine to persons 18 years and older throughout the United States.  The Pfizer and Moderna's versions of the vaccine,  require an initial vaccination followed up by a second vaccine for maximum protection.

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Minnesota Department of Health spokesperson John Schadl said,

that the state health department will explain in the coming days where the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be made available in Minnesota. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have already given it a preliminary recommendation for widespread distribution.

For everyone who is waiting for the chance to get the vaccine this is all good news. Initially their seemed like no real plan was in place to get these vaccines distributed, but I truly believe that the tide is beginning to turn. Not to say we can disregard wearing masks and social distancing, but I for one am starting to feel more optimistic that hopefully we can get a grip on this pandemic once and for all. It has been a long winter being cooped up and isolated for all of us, but with Spring around the corner and Summer coming soon, I am feeling like the future is pretty bright.

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