A third COVID-19 vaccine is now available and the first in line as with the other vaccinations is for people that have mild to moderate Immunocompromised conditions which Essentia Health is now offering for those patients. The FDA has suggested that for people that have had both shots that they wait 8 months before getting the third vaccine and use the same vaccine product whether it was Moderna or Pfizer.

Roseann Hines, Senior Operations Manager for Medication use Management said to FOX21 " I know there’s a lot of discussion in the media about booster doses for general population, and our healthcare workers coming up in the upcoming months, but we have not received any guidance or approval to move onto to those populations yet."

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If you or someone you know qualifies to get this third dose right now you can self schedule through Essentia Health. According to the CDC only about 3% of the adult population falls in the moderately to severely immunocompromised category and are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 because they are more at risk to suffer from a prolonged illness.

Right now the CDC DOES NOT recommend any additional doses or booster shots for any other population at this time. As with the first round of vaccinations information about the vaccines changes from day to day. The key is to follow information from informed sources and if the time comes that the 3rd vaccination eventually becomes available to the general population make sure to check your sources before you decide what to do. Like so many people I have seen so much misinformation on the internet and through conversations with people, and this misinformation is costing people their lives.

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