If we are honest, some people are miffed at Bob Dylan for his lack of luster for the cities he was born and grew up in.  He was born at then, St. Mary's Hospital in Duluth now known as Essentia and grew up on the Iron Range in the town of Hibbing.  However, there are many that admire his music, are true fans and are thrilled that he recently won a Nobel Prize in Literature.  A group on the Range wants to highlight that accolade and is looking for help.

You may question why a musical artist would receive such an award.  Good question, but Bob Dylan was more than a musician, he was also a writer of songs and for that, he won the highly acclaimed award.  He is no stranger to winning these types of awards, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has won a Pulitzer Prize in 2008

He and his family called Hibbing their home and he attended Hibbing High School.  It's natural that his Nobel Prize be celebrated there.  According to WDIO.com there is a group called The Hibbing Dylan Project that is looking for artists that would be willing to lend their talents to create a mural.  They had original thought about erecting a statue of Dylan in Hibbing, but his family had directed the group in another direction.

The group doesn't want to leave any artistic talent out, especially if you're passionate about Dylan, his ties to this area and his music.  They are specifically looking to honor his literary work and the heritage of the Iron Range, mining.  If you are interested, you have until Friday, March 31 to email hibbingdylanproject@gmail.com and ask for an application.

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