Coffee makes the world go round. It's even better when it is cheap and fast, like the brew you would get at a gas station.

It turns out, this alternative to expensive coffee shops is actually quite popular and Minnesotans definitely have an opinion to which one they prefer.

According to a new study out by GasBuddy, Minnesotans have eyes for one particular cup of gas station coffee: Kwik Trip. It turns out Wisconsinites prefer it too.

The site looked at 3 million plus ratings and reviews on their popular mobile app to get to their findings. They looked at gas stations that sold coffee and if it was mentioned and favorable.

The study says, "Of the stations in the U.S that have ever received a coffee review in the GasBuddy app, more than 75 percent received are positive." Well, who could ever say a bad word about coffee?!

This may seem trivial but nearly 14,000,000 cups of coffee are sold at convenience stores every single day.

The more you know. (And if you are feeling up for something more fancy, there's a new Caribou Coffee opening up next to the Kwik Trip on Central Entrance.)

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