The Kitchen' in Superior doesn't look like much when you drive by.  It's an old building in the industrial area of North End Superior.  But when you do drive by you see a packed parking lot everyday they are open.  The reason is simple.  It's fantastic food.  And a couple breakfasts ago, I tried my new favorite breakfast of all time:  The hash brown omelet.

If you love hash browns (which I certainly do), this is the breakfast for you.  It's an omelet, but instead of the filling being wrapped in egg, it's wrapped in hash browns.  Inside is ham, egg, onion, cheese, etc, but it just the best thing ever.  I add on a side of sausage because, why not?

I've had a few other breakfast menu items there as well like steak & eggs, pancakes, bacon, and others.  After I found this, I don't think I'll try anything else ever again.  It's definitely worth a try and of course, it's pretty cheap.

If you haven't tried 'The Kitchen' in Superior, don't.  It's already busy enough and I don't want you to take my table.  Kidding aside, it's really a great place.

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