What's the best Pizza places in the Twin Ports? I've narrowed it down to 7 places. All of the places are local, I wanted to highlight what we have that other places don't. All of these pizzas are prepared. Frozen pizza's and take n bakes would be another list. My criteria for a great pizza: 1. Sauce (most important, most distinguishing pizza ingredient) 2. Toppings (Fresh? Amount? Taste?) 3. Cheese (very important) 4. Crust All Right. Let's get to number 7!

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    Shamrock Pizza

    It's a bit of a drive unless you are in South Superior, but it is definitely worth it. Shamrock pizza has been a favorite of many people for years. They've got a nice sit down area, meeting rooms, and you can order a pizza right at their bar. That's always a good thing.

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    Dave's Pizza (Skyline)

    Dave's Pizza has some really good things going for them. First off, it's a great pizza. Secondly, you can get Dave's Pizza while you bowl at the Skyline Lanes. What's better than bowling and pizza? Also they have a great and popular lunch buffet. The pizza has great sauce and tons of flavor. Dave's Pizza is definitely one of the best!

    Ken Hayes
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    Do North Pizzeria

    Do North pizza is another great pizza. It's got wonderful sauce, and plenty of it. Do North's slogan is "Loaded and Loved," and they don't lie. It's a delicious pizza. I like the thin crust, because if you ask me, you're eating pizza for the toppings and the sauce and cheese, not the crust. (But the crust tastes pretty good too.)

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    Pizza Luce

    Yes, Duluth's Downtown Pizza Luce is definitely on the list. Here you'll find an array of pizzas. Some of them traditional, many of them not. For example, have you ever tried the Baked Potato Pizza? Or Garlic Mashed, or Spanish Chicken? It's a lot more than just pizza too.

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    Thirsty Pagan

    Thirsty Pagan is a brew house in Superior. What I like most about Thirsty Pagan is that you can get a traditional pizza (Sausage, pepperoni) that tastes absolutely amazing, but at the same time try one of the specialty pizzas and love that too. They're all cooked in pans, which I speculate helps the taste. Also they've got some great brews to go with it. Try the Derailed Ale!

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    Sammy's Pizza

    If a pizza place has been around for 55 years, it's got to be good. Sammy's is all about tradition and making memories, and I have quite a few good memories associated with Sammy's Pizza. Sammy's sauce is mouth watering. The cheese is fresh and delicious - I gotta quit talking about it, I'm getting hungry. I'll just say this. Try the five-cheeser.

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    Vintage Italian Pizza (V.I.P.)

    VIP is my personal favorite. Why? It's a pizza that has plenty of sauce, and it's a darn good sauce. It's got a nice balance of tomato sweet and Italian spice. It's good! Their sausage pizza is the best. It's a spicy Italian sausage, and it's the best meat topping I've had on a pizza. Try a pepperoni sausage and you'll love it! Also VIP is the only pizza where I like the thick crust as much as the thin crust. Everything is good. They're new place on Tower Avenue in Superior is a very nice place too.