Eric Church made everyone's week Thursday morning when he announced he would be releasing a single Friday AND dropping a brand-new album in October. Both the single and the album are titled "Desperate Man" which was fitting, because we were getting a little desperate for new tunes.

Since he released his debut in 2006, he's quickly become one of the biggest stars in country music, earning hit after hit and garnering critical acclaim along the way.

Throughout the past decade, he's carved his own path with a unique blend of country, rock and gospel. He has kept this theme running throughout all six of his albums and it's become his signature.

We can only assume he will bring that same flair to his upcoming album but we will have to wait awhile to see. In the meantime, I thought it would be fitting to look back at his complete body of work and pick out what I believe are his five best songs.

It was no easy task as there isn't a flop to be found on any one of his albums. Nevertheless, here are Eric Church's 5 best songs.

  • 1

    Record Year

    This is not only one of my very favorite songs by Church but it's also just one of my favorites period. This song went on to rack up award nominations for just about everything and for good reason. An uptempo heartbreak song about using music as medicine? I think every other country artist is mad they didn't think of it first.

  • 2

    These Boots

    This is a lesser-known tune by the chief but over a decade later, this song is still just as moving. The track is about all the people, places and things his beloved cowboy boots have encountered over the years. It's also a love song in a way, to his boots and the girl he walked away from. Brilliant.

  • 3

    Ain't Killed Me Yet

    This song is much less serious than what we are used to seeing from the star. The song follows every vice, bad decision and post-heartbreak move he's made. You'll be dancing from the opening beat.

  • 4

    Over When It's Over

    This is a simple song but so effective at the same time. The tune is about the end of a relationship. It's catchy with killer lyrics. One listen and it will be stuck in your head for days.

  • 5

    Knives Of New Orleans

    The opening of this track is enough to make you a Church fan forever and it just keeps getting better from there. "Knives" follows the story of a man who commits murder and now is on the run. It's a topic the star has sung about before ("Lightning") filled with eagerness and desperation all while rooting for the villain in this instance. This one took us to Church.

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