The Tavern League of Wisconsin has shared a proposal on Facebook to get the taverns, restaurants, and supper clubs opened. They are pressuring Governor Evers to get the establishments back up and running with proposed safety measures and social distancing guidelines with a new Safe At Work policy.

Tavern League President Chris Marsicano points out in a letter to the Governor that there is no vaccine, and won't be one for another 12-18 months. He states that nothing will be different on May 24th than it is right now, and that the bars and restaurants cannot survive a lengthy closure.

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The safety measures the Tavern League of Wisconsin include having employees wearing masks and gloves, reducing capacity to 50%, keeping tables under a limit of 6 people, spacing tables 6 feet a part, and other precautions.

The Tavern League of Wisconsin is a powerful organization with a lot of influence in the state. Initial public response from people on Facebook is mixed, with some people saying they shouldn't be using PPE for bartenders when medical people need it. Others point out that wearing gloves doesn't do anything if you don't change them out after each drink you handle. Others are ready to go back to the bar and support the proposal.

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