Do you believe in Ghosts? Have you seen one? What about Aliens? Take the survey now, you will be anonymous.

According to the latest surveys, Americans believe in aliens and ghosts, to the tune of 61%.  Many less have had an experience with a ghost or spirit, only 22% say they have seen or interacted with a ghost. There was a good point made after the survey. The surveyor said it depended on people's religious beliefs too. Some religions don't allow you to believe that even though that person may have had an experience.

Aliens are next. There are about 35% of Americans who believe in Aliens, 11% say they've seen or interacted with one.

There's a new Bigfoot movement too. Some people are saying he is in Minnesota too. 30% of Americans say Bigfoot is real.

So I am conducting my own survey. I need as many people to take the survey that I can get. Please pass this around and share it so that I can get as many people as possible.  Only the results will be shared, you will remain anonymous.

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