Stihl Chainsaw MS271 Farm Boss Review
I purchased a brand new Stihl Chainsaw "Farm Boss" last week and finally got a chance to put it to the test this weekend in the woods.  The farm boss has changed in recent years.  It used to be the MS290 model, but Stihl now sells the farm boss as a redesigned 271 model.
Fiskars Splitting Axe Is The Best Axe I've Used
We were up splitting wood at the hunting shack when my old man showed me his new birthday present my mom got him.  It's a Fiskars Splitting Axe.  At first I didn't think too much about it, but then I tried splitting a couple of logs.  It's lightweight, and it splits woo…
Cross Bladed Axe Seems A Bit Too Good To Be True
I split a lot of wood up at the hunting shack, and it can be a big job.  So when I see a new axe come out, I take a look and see if it's something I would be interested in.  This cross bladed axe I saw on YouTube looks like the coolest thing since sliced bread.
Walmart Now Selling Firewood For $3 A Bundle
I don't know why this is so shocking to me, but it is.  I was walking through Walmart in Superior the other day when I came near the sporting goods section and saw an end cap of an aisle with boxes of firewood.  On it, they said 'Premium Natural Firewood.'  $3.00 for .7…