How Do I Pick A Home Food Delivery Service, Is It Worth It?
A few years ago I was enticed to go to a location and pre-make meals to freeze for the week.  I found that wasn't for me because it still took a chunk of time to go make the meals.  I've recently been introduced to the choice of home food delivery where you get the ingredients an…
Angry Garbage Man Caught on Camera Destroying Mailbox
As this video begins, one is impressed with the speed with which this garbage man jumps from his truck and begins disposing of the waiting trash bags. Now that’s one dedicated civil servant.
However, things quickly take a turn when his haste becomes rage and he begins smashing a trash…
5 Examples Of The Modern Generation Gap
There never has been a time where "things ain't like it used to be" was more obvious.  Technology has changed so much and so rapidly in the last 30 years that there is a huge generation gap.
Here's some examples: