Election Day Tweets You Need To See
In case you've been living under a rock the past week or so, you know that today is election day in the United States. This is the biggest election involving social media, and there is no shortage of loud opinions being voiced on these platforms.
2016 Presidential Candidates Eating at the Iowa State Fair
In a lot of ways, it's become a prerequisite to running for the highest office in our country: You're required to attend the Iowa State Fair and - more importantly - eat something on a stick.  While it says nothing at all about the qualifications these candidates posses, it somehow ma…
DTA Offers FREE Bus Rides On Tuesday Election Day
In some countries they don't have the opportunity to cast a vote.  In our country, we do.  However, many don't vote for various reasons.  Some don't think they know the candidates well enough, some claim they aren't familiar with the issues, still others just can&a…

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