'HeatWave' Sweeps Into Duluth
Notorious around the country as being a 'cool' city, Duluth was selected by Frito-Lay as the place to bring their 'HeatWave' Doritos products to launch at a special event on Wednesday.
Doritos Delivering HeatWave To Duluth On Wednesday
Duluth hit a chilly 55 degrees on Memorial Day, one of the coldest temps in the country, so Doritos has decided to drop a mid-week HeatWave at Bayfront Festival Park.  It involves aerial stunts and what you hope it means:  free Doritos!
Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos – Food Review
I've seen the ads on TV for a while now, and finally decided to try it.  A taco shell made out of Doritos?  What could go wrong?  So my co-host Cathy and I decided to go for a little drive over to Taco Bell to give it a try.
Creator of Doritos Passes; Buried With Chips
Love, Love, Love Doritos....especially with salsa!  My daughter likes to lick all the cheese off first, then eat the chip.  It's a staple in our house and I've never really thought about where they came from, until now.  The creator of Doritos has just passed at age 97. …