I've seen the ads on TV for a while now, and finally decided to try it.  A taco shell made out of Doritos?  What could go wrong?  So my co-host Cathy and I decided to go for a little drive over to Taco Bell to give it a try.

I opted for the Doritos Loco's Big Box, which consisted of 1 doritos locos taco, 1 regular hard shell taco, and 1 burrito supreme.  All together before tax, it was only $5.  (That's the nice thing about Taco Bell, it's cheap.)

I opened the wrapper and noticed right away that this "Doritos" shell isn't exactly like a Doritos.  It's more of a powder like cheese on the outside, and there really isn't the grain salty exterior.   The nice thing is, it doesn't really stick to your hand, so you don't get those Doritos fingers so bad.

They taste pretty good!  I opted for the supreme version with tomatoes, lettuce, and sour cream.  It was a nice blend of flavor and the Doritos flavor wasn't over powering.  In fact, next time I go I'll probably order the 3 Doritos Locos combo meal (#11).