B105 Has A Few Nice Gifts Waiting For You To Win
Here we are, right in the middle of the holiday season and looking at the end of the year. We want to wish you Happy Holidays and thank you for an awesome year, so we've put together a couple gifts we'd like to give to a couple lucky listeners.
The Magic Touch
Ken Hayes and I were out jumping the B105 Truck because the lights had been left on overnight. The truck was dead, so I pulled up my van to jump the vehicle. It seemed like forever and it just wouldn't turn over.
Best of 2013
Here we are, days away from saying goodbye to 2013. It's been an interesting year, with lots of memorable stories we've all shared. Some of these stories are sad and some are happy, others are touching, and some are just plain goofy.
We've taken a little time to see what your favorite …

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