A friend of mine had a very bizarre experience that she just can't come up with an explanation for. Her security video camera in her living room was trigged by a strange phenomenon that isn't easily explainable. It happened on the night of November 17, 2021.

Kathy who lives just north of Duluth had a notification of activity on her security camera. What it captures appears to be a swirl of light, or snow flurries, or dust. But here's the thing: there wasn't any dust, no vents nearby, and no sign of anything around. The way this cloud moves is bizarre how it swirls almost in a magical way. It's hard to believe a draft would have moved it.

Friends and people suggested it might be dust or insulation blowing out of a heating vent, but Kathy says there are no vents in that area. Others may have suggested that it could be a reflection of snow from the window, but she's also ruled out that possibility. I also don't see how a reflection would have shown up like this either.

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This isn't the first strange thing that's happened at her house. She's been home alone when her remote control has been hidden from her, tucked away in strange places. The radio has come on from time to time as well.

I've had some weird stuff happen like this before that's made me a believer in more than we understand. If it's the spirit world, Kathy's not afraid. It can actually be comforting knowing that we're not always as alone as we think.

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