The Swain Cross Country Meet has years of heritage and thousands of attendees, both runners and spectators.  That makes for some traffic snarls near the Enger Golf Course and Enger Tower on Saturday, October 4.  Here is the Duluth Police Department's traffic advisory about the event.

I thought I should share this information because it will be a weekend that many people will be out viewing our colorful leaves before they're off the trees and the Enger area is always brilliant with color.  Although this weekend, it will be difficult to maneuver with thousands of runners and spectators with the historic Swain Cross Country Meet.

Since the first race begins at 10am buses of athletes and spectators will begin to arrive around 8:30-9:00a.  The last races is slated to start at 3pm.

Traffic in the area of the Enger Golf Course and Enger Tower will be very heavy and congested during the event. There will be No Parking areas and Handicap Parking areas  posted and strictly enforced. Vehicles in violation will be tagged and may be towed.

Please note that the Enger Golf Course Parking Lot will be reserved for school buses, team vans, and some handicap parking.

Drivers in the area of this event are urged to watch for pedestrians and obey the posted no parking areas.

Good luck to the athletes conquering the Enger Golf Course hills!

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