The Superior School District will resume on-site learning using the hybrid model, effective January 11.  The issue was up for discussion during the school board meeting on December 14, and an email to parents from Superior District Administrator Amy Starzecki confirmed the change. In addition to on-site learning, the district will also resume activities.  Each of these changes comes with a pledge to continue implementation of COVID-19 safety procedures.

In the email, Starzecki makes the following points:

  • The move to an all-virtual model "has not had a direct impact on reducing community transmission rates in Superior"
  • The district continues to monitor local COVID-19 data.
  • Positive rates declined over the past two weeks in the Superior/Douglas County region - even considering an expected "post-Thanksgiving surge"; enough time has passed and the data isn't showing a surge as related to that holiday
  • The risk of exposure for young students is greater with the all-virtual model than in-class sessions; Starzecki's letter explains that "students are attending a variety of settings for childcare during the day while families work and are unable to stay at home".
  • Many other school districts throughout Wisconsin have continued on-site learning and they are not seeing high transmission rates in their schools.
  • "Rates in schools continue to be lower than community rates"/
  • "Transmission between staff and students was rare".
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Here are the "need-to-knows" regarding Superior School's re-opening/on-site hybrid model:

  • Students resume on-site learning with the hybrid model on January 11.  This allows at least a two-week window after the holidays t observe signs or symptoms of potential COVID-19 exposure during the Christmas/New Years holidays.  The week of January 11 is the final week of Semester 1 - which allows students to put closure to those classes in-person and turn in class materials.
  • The before and after school program will resume on January 11.  Families who participate in this program will see payment via automatic billing as January 1.  Refunds will be issued for the first week of January for families with an automatic monthly payment.
  • December 21 is the date for the resumption of school activities.  Practices will occur in small group settings while implementing COVID-19 safety procedures.  Competition will be allowed per the winter sports guidelines that were developed in the fall.
  • In the future, moves to virtual learning will no longer be made based off of community transmission rates - but will rather be dependent on staff absenteeism.
  • Elementary school students will be prioritized to remain in the hybrid model.

Also included in Starzecki's letter was information about "celebrating holidays safely". Click here to see that.

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