The upcoming meeting of the Superior School Board on Monday, December 14 aims to be one that many people will be watching to see what the eventual outcome will be.  On the agenda will be action items tied to changing the Superior School District's COVID-19 Response Plan.  Two of those changes could bring immediate affects for students and families:  The District might switch to using their own internal COVID-positive case numbers for decisions (as opposed to using the county as a whole) and they might allow COVID-decisions to be based on each individual school instead of a "global" or district-wide policy.

In regards to using the school district COVID-positive numbers instead of the county, the current instruction model might look different.  According to news sources:

"On Wednesday, for example, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services reported a seven-day positive case average for the Superior School District at 34.14, which was lower than the county rate of 46.86."

Using those numbers - especially of they diverged like this all the time - the Superior School District might be operating under an entirely different model.

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When it comes to making decisions on a school-by-school basis, this could also lead to significant changes to the current COVID-operating system for the Superior School District.  "[T]his could lead to a situation where some schools would offer hybrid classes while schools where transmission rates are higher would have students receive instruction entirely online."

At issue is the fact that other, neighboring districts around the State of Wisconsin are moving forward in regards to opening back up.  Superior School Superintendent Amy Starzecki explains: "We're the only district not moving forward.  That concerns me."

Even with December 14's meeting , immediate changes wouldn't happen anytime soon.  With current transmission rates and the holidays, "board members said they didn't expect a return to in-person classes until roughly the end of the semester in mid-January."

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