Like many things in life, the new park reservation software that the City of Superior is using comes with both the good and the (somewhat) bad.  The updated software will provide improvements in customer service, but its costs will be passed along to users in the form of increased fees.

Recently the Superior Parks and Recreation Commission approved the software upgrade.  With the new system, potential park users will have a totally-online experience.  Not only will they be able to reserve city parks of the days and times they would like to use them but it will also ease the whole process.

According to news sources: "The software will eliminate paperwork and mailings and allow reservations to be tracked in one location".  Under the current system, someone wanting to use one of the city parks would need to call the parks department to find out what dates and times are open.  "The software will allow residents to find out what's available online and prevent duplication".

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The new online system will also alleviate the some-times cumbersome mailings that occur right now.  According to Jodi Saylor - an Administrative Assistant in the Superior Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department:

"Right now we have three park forms that are mailed back and forth.  So if someone makes a reservation, we fill the form out.  We mail it to them.  They fill out their portion of the form and mail it back to us, and we mail out a signed final copy."

The efficiencies with the new online system do come with a price:  an increase in rental fees.  "Residents will pay $5 more to rent a pavilion or to reserve one of the city's ballfields.  Tournament and nonresident pavilion rental fees will increase by $25 and the cost for electricity at the sites will increase to $25 to cover the cost of the [new] reservation software."

To get more details about the city's parks, click here.  At the present time, the page includes information on how to rent any of the parks; this is also where the link to the new system will be once it is up and running.

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