You could call it being "neighborly".  The City of Superior is offering up a parcel of land via an easement to aid the eventual Blatnik Bridge replacement project.

The easement near Connors Point comes from the Superior Redevelopment Authority.  The parcel of land is locate adjacent to the a right of way that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation already has in the Connors Point area; a service road already exists in the area. However, that service road is "located just outside of their right of way", according to an article in the Superior Telegram [paywall].

Officials suggest that the ten-year easement will aid in the ongoing maintenance and eventual replacement project.  As work crews continually ramp up their presence in the area - from both the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Minnesota Department of Transportation - this easement will "ensure no one is trespassing".  Additionally, with an agreement in place, the transportation agencies from both sides of the bridge won't need to "keep seeking the Redevelopment Authority's permission to access the service road".

Looking down Hammond Avenue in Superior, WI at the Blatnik Bridge
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

Similar agreements and easements have occurred in the past so this isn't an entirely new situation.  However - even as the length of this easement might be considered "long term", it's worth noting that it isn't a permanent arrangement. Jason Serck, the City of Superior's Economic Development, Port, and Planning Director shared that "while WISDOT and MNDOT were seeking a permanent easement, the city staff suggested the ten year easement".

One of the reasons why the city isn't keen on making the easement permanent is that that area of Connors Point is up for development.  With a temporary arrangement, "the city would still have access to property".

Blatnik Bridge (US Highway 53) between Duluth, MN and Superior, WI
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

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