Have you seen this suspicious post making its rounds on the internet?

According to the Superior Police Department, a rumor on the internet about a local man trying to recruit women into a sex trade is just that - a rumor. Rumors started circulating across social media after concerned residents were approached by a man in the area, asking if they wanted to become part of his cause.

The SPD issued a statement on the internet rumor on their Facebook page Wednesday (July 8th), explaining they investigated the rumors after receiving reports from local residents and found the situations reported were misunderstood. Here is what they the Superior Police Department wrote about the situation:

Friends, there is a viral post circulating that a man in Superior is attempting to recruit young women into the sex trade by asking them if they want to become a “Master Slave.” This was investigated by the SPD; the term is actually being used by this man in the context of his beliefs as a "Sovereign Citizen". He has been approaching people to discuss his belief system and to promote a program that he feels very deeply and passionately about, however, to be clear, he is NOT in any way attempting to lure young woman into sex trafficking. We appreciate the concern and fears these initial reports garnered, however they are NOT true.


I had not seen the post myself but am glad that the reports were taken seriously and looked into. There is no word on where the man was approaching people and how many reports the Superior Police Department received about the situation.
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