A lot of people in the area don't know this, but Superior is a pretty awesome city when it comes to their boat launches. While there is a boat launch fee (you can save with yearly card), they do provide some of the nicest launches I've seen in the region.

City officials have announced some slight changes to their boat launches in Billings Park area that will take place within the next 6 weeks. Recently they installed a new dock with a kayak/canoe stabilizer at 21st. They will move the stabilizer rack to Woodstock Landing which is at the end of North 28th Street.  It's an ADA accessible dock where people can get in an out of a canoe or kayak without getting wet. This will make the North 28th Street landing a primitive, non motorized landing perfect for paddlers.

The remaining dock at 21st street will be moved slightly to allow motorized boats easier launching capabilities.


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