This is pretty darn funny. I had a few people send me a link about this story, (I appreciate you) and I just had to confirm that this kid was from the Twin Ports. It's hilarious. I got a little more information after digging and had to see if we could get this kid a stick after all.

Out of respect for privacy, I'm leaving personal names out. I mean, the sign is pretty darn funny, but we want to make sure his mom isn't really harassed.

A fan of Colorado Avalanche star Nathan McKinnon held up a sign wanting to trade his mom's number for Nathan's hockey stick. According to Bar Stool Sports, it's a pretty darn nice stick. He uses a CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D PMT. They are expensive, costing over $300. Plus, it's an NHL pro's stick. Who wouldn't want to have that?

Colorado Avalanche v Vancouver Canucks
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As you can imagine, mom didn't consent to the proposed trade. She said it was her husband and her son's idea and she didn't even know about it.

The screenshot was grabbed by Bleacher Report Open Ice, and it has hundreds of thousands of views. There have been a lot of jokes like maybe he'll get a new stick or a new stepdad. Most of the comments are positive and find it hilarious. It is hilarious.

The giveaway on the photo was the 218 area code. Right away you knew they were from Northland. Zooming in, you can see the Spartan logo from Superior Schools.

Can we get McKinnon on board with giving this kid a stick? Or maybe an autograph?

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