A 7-3 vote sealed the deal:  The Superior City Council has extended the emergency declaration and mask mandate until June 1.  The move comes at the same time that case numbers in the area have stabilized and vaccine doses have increased.  Officials suggest that it could be the final extension unless things drastically change.  The vote occurred at the Superior City Council's meeting on April 20.

Prior to the vote, much conversation was had about whether or not an extension was warranted.  According to an article in the Superior Telegram, the consensus was that the city needs to find an "end game" - but officials weren't sure that that could occur right now. Superior City Councilor Jack Sweeney offered:

"I think we have to have an end game and I don't know what our end game is.  I perhaps don't know all the facts, but here are some facts I do know:  I think that everyone who wants to get the shot has received it or has plans to get it.  There's multiple outlets now from Duluth to Superior.  I need to be convinced why we should do this for another 30 days."

Sweeney was one of the three councilors to vote against the extension - along with Craig Sutherland and Keith Kern.

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Superior Mayor Jim Paine didn't necessarily disagree with the opposition to the mask extension:  "I don't know that I can convince you, councilor.  I struggled with [the] decision myself to propose it."  Paine did offer the data from the other side of the argument, too - sharing that "[while] vaccine numbers are climbing...going in the right direction....hospitalizations and even deaths are not."

The vote by the council makes the masking requirement firm until June 1.  Mayor Paine did offer that he "would be surprised to extend beyond that."

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