It's sad that a company is choosing to USE high schools to sell their products.  Many of the projects that our local high school students learn by hands on experience is funded by local businesses buying advertising and we don't want that to end because businesses owners are confused.  That makes it difficult for our young adults to go out and get advertising for legitimate needs.  The Superior Chamber is warning of a deceptive advertising technique that one business has introduced to our Community.  While being cautious, please verify who you are advertising with and continue to support Superior High School.

The Superior Chamber office was notified by the Superior High School Athletic and Academic department that deceptive advertising practices were taking place in our area and surrounding communities. These deceptive advertising techniques are being used by program/calendar companies to get money to produce materials without clearance or permission from our local schools.

These companies produce the calendars and distribute them locally...but without clearance from the school. It's probable that they are pulling the logo off the school website or a different site if they haven't contacted the school directly. Local businesses are thinking they are supporting the local Athletic and Academic programs, unfortunately that isn't true.

Please Note:  Members of the Superior HS WILL be seeking sponsors for their Athletic and Academic programs for the 2013-14 school year.  However, their sponsorship request will always come from Ray Kosey, not an outside source.

If you have any questions on whether it is the Superior High School selling, contact the school directly Ray Kosey 715-394-8720, Ext. 149 or email: to check and make sure of its legitimacy.  Thank you for your continued support of Superior High School and other schools in our Community.



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