As the weather turns nice, many are starting to spend time in their yards - cleaning up what winter and Mother Nature may have left behind.  Often those springtime yard cleanups involve brush removal.  That's the reason why the City of Superior started doing their brush pickup a number of years ago.  The city-wide collection makes it easier for homeowners who may not have a valid means of disposing of brush themselves.

Similar to the way that the pickup has worked in years past, city-crews will travel designated neighbors on scheduled dates to pick-up the brush piles that have been left out.  While there are restrictions on what gets hauled away, this is an excellent opportunity to make the task easier.

This years (2021) spring brush pickup will start on May 3 and run into the first week of June - depending on the address.  The city requests that property owners have their brush pile placed in it's disposal site by 7:00 AM of the first day of the scheduled week for their collection.  Brush piles should be placed on the boulevard/street side of the property and not in the alley.

Generally speaking - here are the scheduled weeks for Superior - listed by neighborhood:

  • Week of May 3:  Central Park & East End
  • Week of May 10:  Allouez / Itasca / South End
  • Week of May 17:  Billings Park
  • Week of May 24:  North End / Downtown / Wade Bowl / 18 Oakes
  • Week of June 1:  UWS / High School / Tower Avenue Plaza / Middle School

The city's website details the schedule completely - including a map.  Click here for more details.

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As stated earlier, there are restrictions in place regarding what will and won't be picked up, how large the size of the brush pile can be, etc.  Speaking generally, the city suggests that the pile should be kept "smaller than a standard police car".  Here is the link to more-specific guidelines and restrictions.

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