Summit last year held a contest called "Craft The Name" that was open for people to pick the name for their limited beer.  The beer then would be featured at the MN State Fair and you would actually get a chance to help brew it.  Last year the winner was Summer Lazy Sipper. Now, they are doing it again.

Not only will you get to help craft the beer, but you'll also get the first chance to tip a few back.  That's got some bragging rights in it's own.

You can find out more details on how to enter at their website, but of course you'll need to know something about the beer to start crafting the name.

Low in bitterness with a sessionable ABV of 4.2%, Summit’s beer for the 2018 state fair will be a light, refreshing one meant for hot, sweaty days at the Great Minnesota Get-Together — and we think a Helles-style lager will fit the bill perfectly. Our recipe, though not final, will include Scarlett malting barley, experimental hop TRI2303 from YCH, and a touch of fresh blood orange..

So get your creative cap on and start thinking!

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