WNBC New York anchorwoman Sue Simmons must have been at a baseball game over the weekend. Because just as the 11 o’clock news started on Monday, a live mic caught her saying “the ball took a bad hop and hit me in my breast.”

“Are we on?,” wondered her long-suffering, er, longtime co-anchor Chuck Scarborough. As you can see in the clip below, they were.

New Yorkers, and now members of the YouTube nation, have long known Simmons for another gaffe she made. In 2008, she dropped the dreaded “F-bomb “– and did so quite aggressively – during a newscast.

Simmons will sadly be hanging up her mic in June, after 32 years of bringing us the news and making the occasional unintentional funny. If there was such a thing as the “Ron Burgundy Hall of Fame for Local News Anchors,” she would certainly be a first ballot inductee. But since there isn’t, we will instead send her off with clips of her greatest hits and, uh, miss-hits. Check them out below.

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