Even though our Summer season is short in this area, we still get hit pretty hard with mosquitos and we all know they are coming. But now for the first time ever the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have stated that oil of lemon eucalyptus is just as effective as DEET . Their report states: " Oil of lemon eucalyptus [active ingredient: p-menthane 3,8-diol (PMD)], a plant- based repellent, is also registered with EPA. In two recent scientific publications, when oil of lemon eucalyptus was tested against mosquitoes found in the US it provided protection similar to repellents with low concentrations of DEET,"

Some worry of the toxic effects of DEET but many products containing it are on the market and confirmed safe by the CDC. Somehow though no matter what kind of precautions we take depending where and when you are outside we all will end up with a few mosquito bites here and there. Some of the recommendations are long sleeve shirt and pant's but that is unrealistic if it is hot outside. The key really is to take steps from getting bit in the first place. Make sure you have screens on all your windows and doors, and help prevent them from laying eggs by making sure there is no standing water anywhere on your property. For more information on this study click here.   

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