They say money can't buy happiness, but if it could, how much would you need? released a study this month, answering that very question for residents in every single state.

So how much do you need to make annually in Minnesota to be happy? According to their results, you need $106,575 dollars to be happy. Woah.

In terms of emotional well-being, Minnesotans need to make roughly between 60K and 76K. About 96K is needed for life evaluation.

If these statistics have you wanting to move to Wisconsin, just wait. According to the website, residents need to make about $101,220 a year to be happy. Wisconsinites also need to make about 57K to 72K  to be emotionally health and should make about 92K for life evaluation.

States like Mississippi, Oklahoma and Arkansas need the least amount of money to be "happy" but there isn't a huge difference between the states for the top states and Minnesota and Wisconsin. I guess we will just stay right where we are!

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