The 2022 National Football League season is about to kickoff and for now every team has aspirations to end the year by raising the Lombardi Trophy as Super Bowl Champions.

Of course, the reality is that there are only a handful of teams that experts believe have a real chance to be crowned champions this season. The other teams simply don't have enough physical talent on their roster yet. But, what about mental power?

While simply having the smartest players on your roster in now way guarantees a successful season, it can play a role when matched with physical prowess. Recently, decided to find out who had the smartest roster in the NFL.

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The methodology for this study was pretty straightforward, they simply scanned the web to retrieve the Wonderlic scores of currently active players (those who appear on an NFL roster ahead of the 2022 season). Then, all Wonderlic scores were added together and divided by the number of values in the data set to calculate an average team score.

The higher the average score, the smarter the team. Keep in mind that not all Wonderlic scores are made public, so average team scores are an estimation based on available data. One would have to think that teams only hide the lowest of scores anyway.


After crunching all the data, one team wound up alone in first place:

With an impressive average Wonderlic score of 28.7, the Minnesota Vikings can officially be crowned as the smartest team in the NFL. A team with academic athletes includes backup quarterback Sean Mannion, who scored 40, center Garrett Bradbury (35) and defensive tackle Harrison Philips (35). The team does have a couple of guys who didn’t score that well: Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson had scores of 11 and 19, respectively.

The Green Bay Packers faired pretty well in the study, finishing #13 with a score of 24.50.

If you're wondering who has the dumbest roster in the NFL this season, it's time to put dunce cap on the Arizona Cardinals, who finished with a score of 20.50.

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