It's time again for another installment of the strangest things for sale on the Twin Ports' Craigslist! Whether its a weird item, or a ridiculous price, here are of them for you to look at!

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    Stripper Poles and 3 DVD's

    "Flirty Girl Fitness. There is 3 dvds, beginner pole dance, booty beat, and chair dance. Only one of the DVDs is opened. We also have the stripper pole that was only used a fewtimes. I'm asking $100." I hope they wiped down that pole.

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    Decorative Plate

    "Nice condition, shows slight wear. 11" dia. $39" Yep, just $39 will get you this plate that will match absolutely nothing in your home.

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    Free Housing!

    "These are free, take your pick. Need a lot of work, good for storage. Must be moved off property. " Perfect for any hoarder looking for that extra storage! (Actually I did think these might make a decent deer shack.)

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    Beer Drinking Trophy

    "Beer Drinking Trophy - $15" Pretty much sums it up.

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    Left Over Nicotine Patches

    Unfortunately it looks like this person couldn't kick the habit, but maybe you can pick up where they left off!

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    Mr. Peanut Coin Bank

    Vintage Mr. Peanut Red Plastic 8 1/2" Coin Bank-- Great! Mr. Peanut Measures approximately 8 1/2" tall. Made of plastic. Top of hat twists off for easy coin access. Front of banks says "Bank," while back says "Made in USA."

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    Decloration of Independence

    Apparently the seller didn't learn much from the learning tool. (Should be Declaration not Decloration.)