I read a chilling Facebook post about a possible human trafficking incident that took place in a Walmart parking lot in Hibbing, MN. A woman describes how she was sitting in her parked car with her daughter when a man approached and tried to get in their car. She yelled at him to get away and he tried the handle another time. Fortunately another car approached and the police were called and it scared off the people. Now it's not confirmed if that's what they were trying to do, but it mirrors a story that happened to my cousin in a parking lot.


He was leaving his vehicle with his daughter walking in the parking lot when a man pulled up in his car, approached him and asked him what was up in the sky, pointing upwards. My cousin, who has a conceal and carry permit, was spooked and drew his gun on the man feeling like something wasn't right. He warned him to walk away, and then noticed another man approaching from his peripheral vision on the right.  They both ran off, leaving the car where it was. (Later found out it was stolen.) My cousin is sure they were trying to kidnap his daughter who was with him. THIS REALLY HAPPENS PEOPLE.

Be vigilant, lock your doors, and carry some sort of protection.

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