I love coffee in every way, shape and form so I was ultra excited when I heard that Starbucks was adding a new Frappuccino to their menu permanently.

The drink is called the 'Serious Strawberry Frappuccino' and it debuted across Starbucks stores nationwide on Tuesday.

It's a drink that starts with a strawberry puree. After that, it is followed up with a Strawberries and Crème base made of ice, milk and their strawberry infusion blend. Another round of puree tops it off with vanilla whipped cream finishing the deal.

A grande size is 350 calories. The price ranges from $4.95 to about $6 dollars.

I decided to see what all the hype was about. See what I think of the sweet treat above.

Starbucks is known for their flash-in-a-pan specialty drinks. They offered customers a 'Crystal Ball Frappuccino' earlier this year and of course, had the infamous 'Unicorn Frappuccino' before that.

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