Early Thursday morning, I set out on a quest to snag the newest creation from Starbucks. Their special drink is the mysterious Crystal Ball Frappuccino.

When I first heard about the treat, my curiosity was through the roof. What did it have to do with a crystal ball? What would it taste like?

The drink is peach-flavored and coffee-free. Even the whipped cream topping is peach.

What sets this Frap apart from special creations of the past (Zombie Frappuccino, Unicorn Frappuccino, etc.) is the coloring. There are three different colored toppings and each one represents something your future may hold.

If you get blue, you are headed for adventure. Green means good luck is coming your way and if you get a purple topping, magic, wonder and enchantment are allegedly in your future. The toppings are sprinkled over a peach-flavored whipped cream.

So what keeps the barista from choosing your destiny for you? The toppings come in opaque shakers. Therefore, when a barista is putting the finishing touches on your treat, they don't know which color is which.

I got green sprinkles which means some luck is coming my way. I will report back on that one.

The drink is only available through Sunday. Get one while you can and see what your future holds!

I think the whole concept is awesome but what about the actual taste? Watch my review above and find out.

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