Letter grades (A, B, C, D, and F) have gotten an "F" from the Superior School District.  The upcoming school year (2021-2022) will see the district shifting from traditional letter grades to so-called "standards-based grading" - a move that reflects an emphasis on proficiency over points, curves, and percentages.  While the grading method has been in place at the elementary school level for about ten years, this would place the system into the middle and high school levels as well.  The move was discussed at the Superior School Boards meeting on May 3; a final confirmation vote is set to happen on May 10.

According to details in the Superior Telegram, "[t]he system replaces letter grades with numbers between 0 and 4, indicating how proficient a student is in each subject".  The grading system has been used by other districts throughout Wisconsin for many years.

Truth-be-told, the standards based grading system won't be entirely new to some parents and students at the middle school and high school.  "Forty teachers...have been piloting standards-based grading this year (2020-2021) and changes have been based on their experiences" - helping to refine the system.

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If finalized, the shift would change the way that report cards look for parents.  Parents of middle school students could expect to see letter grades completely disappear from quarterly reports - with the number scale replacing them.  However, students at the high school level would see both a standards-based grading system number and a letter grade; additionally, those students in the high school would also see a grade-point average.  At the same time, the traditional honor roll would still be compiled and published.

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