Make sure to watch "Jeopardy!" this Tuesday, January 30, so you can cheer on Emily Lewis who is a 2011 alum of The College of St. Scholastica.

According to CSS, Emily graduated from St. Scholastica with three majors, in Mathematics, Economics and Finance. She currently lives in San Diego, where she works as a Merchandise Planner for Petco.

It has been a dream of hers to be on the show since she watched it as a little girl, but getting on "Jeopardy!" is not an easy process.

Lewis, along with about 75,000 other hopefuls, first completed a 50-question online test, and her results earned her an in-person audition with about 30 other people out of a total pool of 4,000. The audition included a 50-question written test along with a practice round that serves as a screen test. A group of 400 contestants were selected for the season out of that group of 4,000.

Though she isn’t allowed to share any details about her appearance before her episode airs, she did reveal to CSS that host Alex Trebek is “much sassier in person than you would expect on TV.”

Here's hoping that Emily Lewis wins big Tuesday evening.


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