Thank goodness this is in Spain!

Ok, there is so many things wrong with this, I don't know where to start.  It's hard enough to get  people to go to the gym and workout, for a variety of gumption, no time, no babysitter, not comfortable exercising in front of other people.  How can we expect asking them to do it naked will make it any better?

A Spanish gym has come up with a novel way to lure new customers: naked workout sessions.

Easy Gym says it provides towels for comfort and "to prevent slippage"

They are located in the Basque region and are the first gym in the country to offer special exercise sessions for nudists.  According to owner, Merche Laseca, the workouts were thought up as a response to the nation's recession, which had hit gym membership.  He told the BBC that "I'm not a nudist myself, though I have no problem with it. "

Would you do this?  I thank God on a daily basis for the invention of this isn't something I would be comfortable with.  Plus, the thought of germs from....well, would you do this????????????

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