I scrolled across this on FB today and felt the need to share it.  Some people just don't have any respect for another person's property.   These people had parked their pick up truck and unloaded their ATV's to go riding this last Sunday afternoon.  When they returned, they found several bullet holes in the truck. 

The incident took place off Highway 4 near Whiteface Reservoir & Spit Road.  They found 3 bullet holes in their truck when they returned.

I spoke with Becky Habert Pierce and she is hoping that by sharing this they can find information on who might have done it.  They did mention there was a man and woman that was upset with them for disrupting their bird hunting as they were road hunting.  They were driving a late 90's plain tan or brown Chevy Silverado.  The man is described as average build in his late 50's with brown/grey hair and wearing glasses.  The woman with him had shoulder length sandy blonde hair  It was missing the handle on the tailgate.  If you know who this might be or have any other information, please contact the authorities as it is a person of interest.


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