Jonathan Brostowitz and his family have listened to B105 since I started in 1996.  That's how I met him when he was a young boy with big dreams.  He has always been kind and compassionate and he took those qualities into his career of firefighting and now to support the fallen firefighters of our National 9/11 tragedy.  An additional Solon Spring Firefighter and local resident will be climbing at Lambeau Field with Jonathan in a very moving, symbolic event in full gear.  Here's why.

Jonathan Brostowitz, current Assistant Chief at the Solon Springs Fire Department, firefighter Tony Orland and local resident Chelsea Berger will be representing the Solon Springs Fire Department at the climb.  Their climb will not be an easy one as they will be battling 110 stories in full turn out gear, carrying an air pack on out backs.

Climbing 110 stories in a tank top and Lycra pants would be tough, so why are they adding additional clothing and weight to their climb?  They are climbing on September 11, 2016 to honor and remember America's fallen firefighters and to raise funds to support the Nation Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Each climber will be symbolically completing the climb with a name, badge and photograph of one of the fallen firefighters. At the equivalent of the 78th floor of the World Trade Center towers, which is the highest floor firefighters reached on 9/11, each climber will ring a fire bell in honor of the fallen firefighter on their badge.  The World Trade Centers were 110 stories high, that is why they will climb the equivalent amount of stairs at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI.

Remember our fallen firefighters by supporting the efforts of Jonathan, Tony and Chelsea to raise money for the Fallen Firefighters Foundation.


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