After a weekend where we enjoyed the extra daylight that Daylight Saving provides, we are now experiencing temperatures into the 40's and other signs that spring will truly arrive March 20, just like our calendars promise.

Another positive sign is that serious snow removal is about to take place for the Downtown Duluth Business District. As someone who works downtown, I can't wait for it to get cleaned up.

Our studios are located on Superior Street in downtown Duluth and while the City does a pretty good job of keeping up, it seems that as the winter lags on, snow removal gets a little slower. There are still pretty sizable snowbanks near parking meters and other locations which make getting to sidewalk a bit of a challenge. Perhaps when conditions such as this exist, they should show leniency when it comes to paying to park?

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Anyway, the snow shouldn't be a problem for long, regardless of the weather. The City of Duluth announced that crews will begin removing snow in the Downtown Business District on Wednesday, March 16. Crews will begin removing snow on Michigan Street from 6th Avenue West to 3rd Avenue East.

Then, on Thursday, March 17, City crews will remove snow from 6th Avenue West down to Michigan on the Avenues. They will begin 6th Avenue West and work their way East towards the Medical District, clearing the avenues as they go.

Those who frequent the area should be aware that crews will begin removing snow at 7:00 a.m. and no parking signs will be posted throughout the area being cleared of snow. Any vehicle parked in the area where snow removal occurs will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

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