Bill Hader was back this weekend for a St. Patrick's Day Saturday Night Live.  He started the show with a pretty solid monologue where he showcased how the crew can get him ready for the next bit while he did his monologue.  Then, seamlessly stepped into the sketch for the wonderful "Californians."


Then later it was our delight when out of nowhere we were surprised with the Jurassic Park screen tests.  Bill Hader once again steals the bit with his SPOT ON Alan Alda.  Of course he had to bring back his Pacino impression which is so good.  I swear if you close your eyes you can't tell the difference.

Also Kate McKinnon does a great 90's Ellen.  Pete Davidson's impression of Adam Sandler is good as well.  Really all of these characters shined pretty well with this great bit.

Overall it was a great episode and wish we had more like it.  Well done, Bill.

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